JUNE 2016


Have you ever been unsure of your own body?

After an incredible twelve months, including releasing their first EP, winning 2 WAM Song of the Year awards (Rock & Punk) and being invited to play “Rock A La Buse Festival” overseas, Rag n' Bone have returned with the searing, searching track “I Don't Feel at Home In This World Anymore”, that is as much about the mistreatment of refugees, gender identity and cultural re-appropriation as it is about huge riffs, crumbling floor toms and slide guitar.

Recorded by resident magician Dave Parkin (Snowman, Jebediah), its the first taste of the band's forthcoming debut LP and is not only a great step forward but a call to action from one of Perth's most exciting and dynamic live acts.

Released June 10, 2016

Written and arranged by Rag n' Bone Copyright 2016. 
Kiera Owen - Vocals, Percussion. Axel Carrington - Guitar, Vocals. Sara McPherson - Bass, Vocals. Jamie Gallacher - Drums
Recorded & Mixed by Dave Parkin of Blackbird Studio, Western Australia. 
Mastered by William Bowden of King Willy Sound, Tasmania
Photography by Amber Bateup

MARCH 2015


Life is nothing if not a series of rages, a swirling mass of furious battles and turmoils:

Rag n' Bone have released their first EP. 

Named after and for the emotionally gruesome onslaught of John Cassavetes' film, 'A Woman Under the Influence' is a document of the maelstrom of existence, of anguish masquerading as triumph, and an advertisement for the positive use of magnetic tape. Recorded under fire by master madman Rob Grant at Poons Head Studio, this five song twelve inch Vinyl is a testament to the Boners' quest to uncover all that is bare and naked in truth. Featuring photography by Amber Bateup and design by Alanna Kusin, 'A Woman Under the Influence' is a statement of intent and force from a band built on mud


Released March 6, 2015

All songs written and arranged by Rag n' Bone Copyright 2014. 
Kiera Owen - Vocals, Percussion. Axel Carrington - Guitar, Vocals. Sara McPherson - Bass, Vocals. Jamie Gallacher - Drums
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rob Grant from Poons Head Studio, East Fremantle. 
"Wood & Wire" features excerpt of Cowboy John, live over the phone.
Photography by Amber Bateup




she's taking off her clothes, 
she's taking off her clothes, again
she's bleeding on the floor, 
she's bleeding on the floor, 
she's forming open sores, again


she turns them all away, 
she turns them all away, again
she's drowning in the mud, 
she's drowning in the mud , 
he's loosing all her sense, again



in the darkness of the night, 
there came a sound, in the distance, 
as cold as the sky, 
it drove a man mad, 
as he wondered, 
and he lay on his bed and began to scream

lay me down, 
lay me down, 
turn my head, 
and take me alive or dead. 
soothe my skin, 
soothe my aching grin, 
remember my curves, 
and show me how
you'd like to do it again. 


and a sweet taste, 
down my neck, 
the guilt as it drips, 
and we sweat and we sweat
and we sweat. 


I'm in the heat of it, 
I'm in the thick of it, 
I'm in the heat of it
I feel defeated by it. 

oh and its best, 
running from yourself


in the darkness of the night, 
there came a sound, in the distance, 
as cold as the sky, 
it drove a man mad, 
as he wondered, 
and he lay on his bed and began to scream

and the sound, 
it surrounded, 
and drowned him


me and my pa we rode on down
raIded the natives had one young girl bound
we raped her and left her with an ugly seed
pa shot her in the head before it came to be

and Robinson sipped from a skull
his teeth stained with gore
a quill with black ink
signed them away
left life to rot and decay
and I guess he wanted to live
in golden age
I guess sunburnt countries
never really change

he's dressed in his sharpest suit
armed with an idiot tongue
in an LCD lit waiting room
telling us how much we're worth
is a grain of sand on this beautiful bloody beach
and if you're sailing
you better learn to swim
because the fuckers gonna sink

there's a bone in the dirt
and it can't quench my thirst
I'm dying in the red plastic sun

we're all going under
we've all wasted lead
I put my soul in the crevice
of a black limestone bed

and I watched a gum fall
to a mute audience
they shuffled their feet watching
the death of radiance

and all that's left
is just the death rattle waltz
we'll dance until we
crumble and fall


two birds perched
on the foot of a hill, 
he cranked his neck, 
'cuz he'll never get his fucking fill, 
her talon's caught, 
in the charred stone ground, 
he broke his beak, 
failing to dig her out. 

it's just wood and wire

a parlour piece, 
sits in the yard, 
a body hollowed, 
from a life lived hard, 
a nest readymade, 
from an old pig gut, 
a leg brace fashioned, 
from an ivory nut. 

it's just wood and wire

pulling from a can- 
teen full of whiskey, 
they clipped his wings, 
with a bloodied blunt bump key, 
she fought them off, 
her chipped claw and all, 
she wrapped him up, 
in a dirty torn prayer shawl

it's just wood and wire


sent for an angel to be found
all they came across was water
it had told them of the life
it had carried through the nights

all the sickness and the bother
had been washed away from them
was a story of two lovers
that had never seen the end

he was a traveller had such patience
and a heart not fit for pain
saw the golden hair of sunshine
as he walked across the the planes

she had a tear stained face of fear
as the men she knew were chasing
all the paths before were burning
and the ones ahead were dim

the heart of the traveller was consumed
as she fell into his arms
just to touch her was enough
he could feel all of the hurting

rapid beating of the warnings
and the smoke began to send
the weary lovers into terror
as the earth swallowed the sun

laying in the darkness was a river
hadn't been there once before
only dirt had blown through this world
heaven knows the earth was scorned

took the hands of thee two lovers
and a vow to keep them safe
from the beast that hides within
all the mankind of this land

and you will learn to be like water
said the river to the pair
never changing never loosing
and never tasting any fear

in the words they both were trusting
held each other in their arms
and lay beneath the silver water
and slipped away becoming one